Header - Yoga & Meditation Beats Brain Puzzles In Preserving Memory & Preventing Alzheimers

Yoga & Meditation Beats Brain Puzzles In Preserving Memory & Preventing Alzheimers

A recent study reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has found that Yoga and meditation are more effective than memory exercises like crosswords or computer games in preventing the precursory mental decline common in Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Professor Helen Lavretsky, a co-author of the study stated, “If you or your relatives are trying to improve your memory or offset the risk for developing memory loss or dementia, a regular practice of yoga and meditation could be a simple, safe and low-cost solution to improving your brain fitness.”

The study included 25 voluntary participants over the age of 55 who had disclosed a deterioration in their memory such as forgetting people’s names and faces, misplacing belongings and missing appointments. In the 12 weeks that the study ran, 11 of these volunteers participated in weekly, hour long memory exercises like crosswords and computer games, while the remaining 14 were tasked with engaging in weekly Kundalini Yoga sessions and a daily at-home 20 minute Kiran Kriya meditation. Kiran Kriya  is a type of meditation from the Kundalini yoga tradition, which has been practiced for thousands of years. Commonly referred to as the singing exercise, it involves singing the sounds, Saa Taa Naa Maa along with repetitive finger movements.

At the conclusion of the study, researchers found that the visual-spacial memory of the Yoga/meditation group was the most improved, while both sets of participants recorded similar verbal memory improvements. When reviewing results from a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scan, the researchers discovered that even though both groups saw changes in the way brain cells connected with each other, they were only statistically significant on the Yoga/meditation group.

An important element of coping with ageing and symptoms of Alzeheimers is managing stress, anxiety and depression.  Professor Helen Lavretsky of the University of California, a co-author of the study stated that, “When you have memory loss, you can get quite anxious about that and it can lead to depression.” For participants of the study, this regular practice of Kiran Kriya not only improved memory capabilities, it also improved mood and management of stress, depression and anxiety. The Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation states that just 12 minutes a day of Kundalini Yoga has been shown to reduce stress levels, improve cognition and activate the parts of the brain that are central to memory. In addition to this, they recommend practicing it in the traditional way to fully reap the benefits of the exercise, in particular adhering to the chanting of the Kiran Kriya mantra sounds ‘Saa, Taa, Naa, Maa’

If you would like to get started on the path to improved memory and cognition, why not try one of the Kiran Kriya meditations below and light one of our Vitality and Mental Clarity Aromatherapy Candles made from Pure Essential Oils and designed to register and stimulate the Limbic System of your brain.

Audio CD – Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation.

Video 1 – Original Kirtan Kriya Kundalini Yoga Meditation with the Mantra Sa Ta Na Ma. Duration: 30 minutes.

Video 2 – Catalyst Yogi, Let Go of the Past Kundalini Yoga Meditation. Duration 11 minutes.

Video 3 – Ruadhan from Allots Yoga gives an in depth explanation of how to do Kiran Kriya and meditation. Duration 30 minutes.

Video 4 – Kajal Pandey guided Kiran Kriya meditation. Duration 17 minutes.

Read the latest updates to the Research White Paper on Yoga and Medical Meditation as Alzheimer’s Prevention Medicine.


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The Best 2016 Mobile Apps For Stress & Anxiety, Positive Thinking And Health & Fitness

These days, there is an app for just about anything and it can get confusing as to which one’s are worth a look. Doing the hard yards for you, we have collated our favourite apps for stress & anxiety, positive thinking and health & fitness. Combine these apps with our Aromatherapy Essential Oil Candles (Diet Booster – beat the cravings; Energy Booster – vitality & mental clarity; Confidence Booster – Anti-anxiety & positive thinking) and Vitamin Patches (Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium – strength & vitality; Multi-Vitamin Plus- your personal body guard; Red Energy & Endurance – all natural energy boost) and you will be well on the way to living a positive, healthy and stress reduced life!

Stress & Anxiety

Stress Check

Stress Check is a stress test developed by clinical psychologists with expertise in Stress Management. This research-based assessment tool provides users with an overall stress score that illuminates their current level of stress. After receiving their overall score, users can deepen their insight by examining the specific areas their stress affects them (interpersonal, physiological, situational, control). All results are paired with useful descriptions and actionable recommendations. With this deeper level of insight, users can more effectively target and reduce high stress areas.

Stress Check Mobile App Screenshot


Happify brings you effective tools and programs to take control of your emotional wellbeing. Developed by leading scientists and experts who’ve been studying evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades.

Happify App Screenshot


Headspace is a popular meditation app that teaches you meditation and mindfulness in 10 minutes a day. If you enjoy the 10 day free trial  and want to learn more, then you can choose to continue and get access to hundreds of hours of original meditations. These include guided and unguided lessons and range from 2 to 60 minutes long.

Headspace Mobile App Screenshot


When you want to shake off your stress and start relaxing, this app can work wonders. Against a backdrop of soothing music, you move your finger slowly across your screen, being careful not to speed up your pace. Focusing on the steady motion eases you into a calm, peaceful state. With Pause’s simple approach to mindfulness, serenity is just moments away.

Pause Mobile App Screenshot


Relax with Calm, a simple mindfulness meditation app. Fall asleep faster with over 25 soothing calming sounds which relieve you from outside stress and anxiety.

Calm App Screenshot



Positive Thinking

My Mood Tracker

My Moods Tracker is the ultimate app to track your emotional experiences on a daily basis and helps to change it immediately. Track and diagnose the cause of your moods. It works as a journal/dairy for your emotions. Use this app to release stress and lead a happier, healthier and fun life.

My Mood Tracker Mobile App Screenshot

The Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal is the easiest and most effective way to rewire your brain in just five minutes a day, unleashing everything great in your life. Completely private and designed get you happy!

The Gratitude Journal Mobile App Screenshot


Pozify is the only social networking platform that rewards you for promoting and spreading positivity while solving the problem you cannot trust anything on the internet. A merit based newsfeed acts as a pipeline to receiving only the valuable content you want. Add high engagement content based communities and games that matter which help solve real world problems, all while getting rewarded for your content.

Pozify Mobile App Screenshot

Thought Diary Pro

Thought Diary Pro is designed to be the second step in changing our thinking patterns by helping individuals identify the thinking errors that they engage in, and thereby helping change these thoughts. The effect of modifying these thought can reduce the negative emotional and behavioural consequences of experiencing these negative thoughts. Similar to the Thought Diary, the Pro version was designed by an experienced clinical psychologist and CBT therapist who believed that these tools should be available in the most accessible form for individuals to use in today’s fast technological world. It can be used by people either in therapy as a useful adjunct to the treatment, and there is a feature that allows the Thought Diary to be emailed straight to their therapist. However, it can also be used by those individuals who are embarking on a self-guided course of CBT.

Thought Diary Pro Mobile App Screenshot


Positive Thinking – The key to Happiness

The premise of this app is that positive thinking can be learned and the skill developed. It is all a matter of attitude and thinking, both of which can be changed. This app teaches you a method to grow positive thinking, and offers tips to develop a positive attitude. You will also find motivational and inspirational quotes here.

Positive thinking - the key to happiness mobile app screenshot


Health & Fitness

Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is your own personal yoga instructor. The app contains level one and level two 20, 40 and 60 minute yoga routines that step you through each pose. Each pose is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, so simply choose your workout length and follow along in the comfort of your own home!

Simply Yoga Mobile App Screenshot

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

This workout app is a scientific, personalised fitness experience in 7 minute intervals. The now-famous 7-minute fitness routine that requires nothing more than a wall, a chair, and a little bit of floor space.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 minute workout mobile app screenshot

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle offers a clever solution for improving your rest. Rather than yanking you from your slumber at a specific minute, the app analyzes your sleep patterns and then picks the moment you’re sleeping lightest (within a half-hour window you define) to rouse you gently. Best of all, unlike some smart alarms, this one doesn’t need extra hardware or require your iPhone to be resting on your bed: it tracks your sleep using just your iPhone’s microphone!

Sleepcycle Mobile App Screenshot


With simplicity and gesture-based interaction at it’s core, iDrated makes it quick and simple to log your water levels and check how hydrated you are. It can even give you a gentle nudge when the app isn’t running should you need the extra incentive.

idrated Mobile App Screenshot

Habit List

Habit List includes everything you need to reach your goals. It motivates you, helps you stay focused, and keeps you on track. You can use this app for anything from motivating yourself to exercise to quitting a bad habit.

Habit List App Screenshot


Clue is a period tracker that predicts dates for your next period, PMS and the days you’re more or less likely to get pregnant. Are your moods connected to your cycle? Just track what you’d like to know more about, and Clue takes care of the rest.

Clue Period App Screenshot


Tips to increase your willpower when dieting

Tips To Increase Your Willpower When Dieting!

Willpower can be your biggest ally and the lack thereof your most formidable enemy when trying to lose weight or stay healthy. Here a few great tips to help keep you willpower strong while dieting.


Pair Your Treats

Pair your treats with healthy, low calorie options. For example, a creamy pasta with a large side of fresh vegetables or chocolate with low fat natural yoghurt. Fill up on the good stuff first and you won’t be so tempted to over indulge on your treat.


Play Brain Games

Increase your executive functions (set of cognitive processes that are necessary for us to plan, solve problems, be adaptable and make good decisions) through brain games or physical activity like yoga, that focuses on delayed rewards.


Try A Diet Booster Candle

Light our Diet Booster Aromatherapy Candle. Infused with essential oils to suppress your appetite, help curb cravings and overcome those times in the day when your willpower is challenged. You can also pour the fragrant melted wax onto the back of your hand and massage for the continued benefits of the pure essential oils as you go about your day.


Brush Your Teeth Regularly

Brush your teeth or chew on gum throughout the day to help keep you from grazing or drinking soft drinks. Have you ever taken a sip of coke straight after brushing your teeth? Yuk!


Half Fill Your Wine Glass

Fill your wine glass up half full and sip slowly or mix it with sparkling water. You can still continue to top up with your friends but your willpower will be in check, your calories halved and the next day hangover will be considerably less brutal.


High Protein Breakfast

Eat a high protein breakfast to keep you satisfied and your willpower strong until lunch.


Acknowledge Your Achievements

Pat yourself on the back and jot down all the times you resisted temptation throughout the day. This will build your confidence and increase your willpower to keep your dieting goals.


Get More Zzz’s

Sleep regulates your hormones that control appetite. So, a good night’s sleep can increase your willpower to eat well and exercise.


Keep Healthy Snacks Handy

Keeping healthy snacks handy at all times gives you an easier choice when the crisps are doing the rounds at the office and you haven’t had time for lunch.


Drink Loads of Water

If you are dehydrated, your body can send mixed messages and make you believe you are hungry. If you aren’t receiving ‘thirsty’ signals disguised as hunger pangs, this may just help gain the willpower to move past the vending machine.


Plan To Indulge

Plan to indulge yourself a few times a week. If you know you have something to look forward to, like a low fat chocolate moose for dessert, it helps you stay strong for the remainder of the week.


Stay Busy

If you are busy, you have less time to think about food. Just be sure to keep stress levels down as this can reduce your willpower.

8 easy tips to boost your energy levels

8 Simple Tips To Increase Your Energy Levels!

We know its really hard to get motivated when your energy levels are low, so we have compiled this super easy list of  ways you can increase your energy levels.

Quit hitting the snooze button

Falling back asleep after hitting the snooze button can interrupt your hormone cycle and make it more difficult to get moving in the morning[1]. So set your alarm a little later and refrain from hitting the snooze button, even if it means you need to keep your alarm on the other side of the room.

Go for a walk

Regular exercise has been found to increase energy levels by 20%[2] But, think about keeping your exercise in the morning low in intensity as a study by The University in Georgia found that people who participated in low-intensity aerobic activity, like a walk 3 times a week, had a greater reduction in fatigue levels than those who did higher intensity workouts.[3]


Jump onto Youtube and check out a funny cat or kid compilation because studies suggest that laughing can boost energy levels[4].

Light an Energy Booster Aromatherapy Candle

Inhaling essential oils activates the hypothalamus – the area of the brain which sends messages to other parts of the body. Aromatherapy works quickly and effectively, boosting your mental clarity, giving you an energy boost and improving your concentration. Check out our Energy Booster Candle.

Eat regularly

Most people have experienced that ‘hangry’ feeling when an empty stomach causes you to snap your coworkers heads off. If you don’t eat regularly, your blood sugar drops and causes mood swings and reduced energy[5].

Snack on complex carbs

Although low carb diets have been all the craze, studies have shown that carb dieters are generally more moody[6]. Wheareas eating complex carbs like low grain nuts can make you feel more energized[7].

Crank up the tunes

Research suggests that music can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and decrease stress hormones. Studies have also found positive effects on mental and physical energy, with improved mental performance for people working out to music and increased speed for students completing cognitive tasks to music, compared to those who went without[8].

Get some Z’s

Research suggests that only during deep, restful sleep can human brain cells replenish the energy stores they deplete during a full day of thinking, sensing and reacting[9]. So switch of the TV and put down your phone and get some z’s.

8 science backed tips to help you maximise your study and work potential article header image

8 Science-Backed Tips To Maximize Your Study And Work Potential!

With New Years well and truly over, our well-intentioned work and study resolutions have most likely been thrown out the window and life’s many stresses have taken over. With this in mind, we thought we would help you keep those New Year’s resolutions alive with a few science-backed tips on how to maximize your studies and be more productive at work.

1. Study or prep before going to bed

Research shows that memory is strengthened when we study shortly before sleeping[1]. So, instead of binge watching your favorite episodes on Netflix at bedtime, why not try some light reading of your chem textbook or running through your presentation notes instead. Just remember, don’t go overboard and pull an all-nighter!

2. Meditate

Recent studies suggest that meditation is associated with increased grey matter in the area of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory[2]. So why not light our Confidence Booster Candle for anxiety and take a few minutes to meditate before heading off to work or hitting the books.

3. Hit the gym at lunch

Start packing your joggers and sweatpants along with your lunch because research shows that hitting the gym during work hours can increase productivity[3].

4. Embrace Spaced Education

Associate Professor Kerfoot of Harvard University has invented a tried and tested methodology called Spaced Education[4]. Claiming to increase knowledge by up to 50 percent and strengthen retention of information for up to two years, the idea is to break up the information you are studying into small chunks and review them consistently over a long period of time.

5. Use essential oils

Before a big meeting or exam light an aromatherapy candle or rub essential oils on your hands to calm the nerves and give you mental clarity. Research suggests that essentials oils assist in vitality, mental clarity and reduces stress. One particular study found that the use of essential oils reduced test-taking stress in students[5].  So, why not try our Energy Booster Candle, developed specifically for increased vitality and mental clarity.

6. Take up Yoga

Studies show that Vihangam Yoga meditators have superior cognitive abilities, in particular their attention span[6]. So to keep your focus during the long hours of work and study, make time for some cat-cows and downward facing dogs.

7. Give yourself a break…or 7

Taking regular breaks is well known to increase productivity and focus. A recent study has even found that the most productive workers move away from their computers and take 17 minute breaks for every 52 minutes of work[7]. So, get out of your chair and go for a walk or grab a friend for a quick gossip at the coffee machine.

8. Take a daily dose of Golden Root

You may not of heard of Golden Root but studies suggest that it is the most impressive adaptogen. Taking Golden Root daily has been found to improve mental stability, increase attention and memory, and enhance productivity[8].



5 Reasons An Energy Booster Candle Is Your Best Friend In The Office

Everyone knows that Aromatherapy is great for relaxation but what most people don’t realize is that Essential Oils can also be used for Focus, Moods and Motivation in the Office.

Live Love Thrive have developed their Vitality and Mental Clarity Aromatherapy Candle with a blend of pure plant essential oils that combine science with holistic health in a beautifully fragrant candle.

Here are 5 reasons why every desk should have an Energy Booster Candle:

1. Inhaling essential oils activates the hypothalamus – the area of the brain which sends messages to other parts of the body. It works fragrantly to stimulate your senses and make you feel great.

2. Aromatherapy works quickly and effectively – we all know how great essential oils are for relaxation but they are just as effective in boosting your mental clarity, giving you an energy boost and improving your concentration.

3. Brings a fantastic fragrance to your work environment – who doesn’t love the smell of a delicious aromatherapy candle and our candles are at least twice the strength of a normal essential oil candle.

4. The Vitality and Mental Clarity Candle from Live Love Thrive comes with a free bonus eBook: Innovative Thinking Secrets – what it is and how to use innovation thinking in your working day

5. When you’re feeling sluggish and distracted, light a candle and breath in the delicious therapeutic scent and let the natural combination of science and holistic health go to work to help you face the office renewed, recharged and ready for action.

All Live Love Thrive candles are Made in the USA. They are handcrafted in small batches to ensure authenticity, integrity and freshness using 100% plant-derived ingredients. All are environmentally kind with lead-free wicks.  The natural vegetable and soy waxes burn clean and true.

These fabulous candles are only $19.95 on Amazon.com

Highly Concentrated Weight Loss Candle

5 Ways to Lose Weight Easily and Naturally With The Diet Booster Aromatherapy Candle

Everyone knows the benefits of Essential Oil and Aromatherapy however not many women realize what a powerful weapon it can be for weight loss.

1.  Inhaling essential oils activates the Hypothalamus and Limbic System – the area of the brain which sends messages to other parts of the body.  They work fragrantly to stimulate your senses and make you feel great.
2.  The Secret Recipe Blend of natural plant essential oils in our Diet Booster Candle have been designed to suppress your appetite and help curb the cravings that continually undermine dieting success
3.  Our Live Love Thrive Beat the Cravings Weight Loss Candle is a pure essential oil natural weight loss therapy.  We have used a combination of science and holistic natural health to develop a formula that will strengthen your willpower and help you overcome those times in the day when your willpower is challenged.
4.  Our Diet Booster Candle comes with a free eBook with Bonus Fat Burning Secrets that include Fat Burning Foods and ways to Boost our metabolism Ð more ways to help you achieve those weight loss dreams
5.  Our candle also comes with some Affirmations that work on the Reticular Activity System in your brain and sends a clear message to your subconscious that weight loss and health is very important to you and will aid your self-control and kick your resolve into high gear.  Used in conjunction with our Aromatherapy Curb Craving Candle and you have a really powerful tool in your weight loss arsenal.

All our candles are Made in the USA.  They are handcrafted in small batches to ensure authenticity, integrity and freshness using 100% plant-derived ingredients.  All are environmentally kind with lead-free wicks.  Our natural vegetable and soy waxes burn clean and true.

We are 100% committed that every candle is good for you and the environment.

More information about the Beat The Cravings Candle

The Correct Supplements Make For a Healthy Life

11 Absolutely Essential Dietary Supplements

Do you know which dietary supplements you should be taking? Which essential ones are you lacking? What does it mean if you are deficient in these?

This article in Mother Natures Network explains which of these essential vitamins you need and which you don’t.

The use of supplements in the United States has risen in the last 20 years:

While only 40 percent of the American adult population took supplements in 1994, the number rose to more than half of all adults by 2006, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This increase could be attributed to more people becoming concerned that they aren’t getting enough nutrients, but how do you know which vitamins you need, how much you need and how often you need them? Read on to get the lowdown on 11 of the most common dietary supplements. If you’re considering adding any of them to your health care regimen, be sure to talk to your doctor first about any side effects, risks or complications.

Read more: http://www.mnn.com/health/fitness-well-being/stories/11-common-dietary-supplements-explained#ixzz3cqV67ABi

Do you know which you are lacking?

You Need Essential Vitamins To Be At Your Best

7 Must Have Nutrients To Keep You Well

Lost your get up and go? Always feeling tired and irritable?

Maybe you are not getting enough of these 7 essential vitamins and minerals from your diet. Without these nutrients, your body will struggle to perform at it’s best.

Check out this article on the Mother Nature Network and see if your are missing these essentials.

Today’s average restaurant meal is more than four times larger than in the 1950s …

Despite the embarrassing abundance of food, many Americans still unknowingly suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Whether from vapid calories (hello, junk food), chemical-induced deficiencies, a lack of a variety, or any number of other factors, some of us just aren’t getting what we need.

The CDC’s Second Nutrition Report, an assessment of diet and nutrition in the U.S. population, concludes that there are a number of specific nutrients lacking in the American diet. Not only can nutrient deficiencies have long-lasting health effects, they can make you feel rotten. Here are some of the more common vitamins and minerals lacking in our diets, deficiencies that can cause an array of symptoms, from poor memory and bleeding gums to impaired work productivity and depression.

Read more: http://www.mnn.com/health/fitness-well-being/stories/7-nutrient-deficiencies-that-can-make-you-sick#ixzz3cqQDdN9R

So how are you feeling today?

Life Begins at 40

7 Supplements Women 40 Plus Should Take

“Life begins after 40” say so many of us who have now passed that milestone by many years. And why are we feeling so much healthier, more active and positive in our outlook? This article on the Mother Natures Network goes a long way to explain how good quality supplements can help your quality of life as you age.

Life after 40 doesn’t have to be left to Mother Nature’s fate.

It’s common for some women over 40 to experience a sputtering sex drive, sluggish metabolism, lethargic energy levels, fluctuating moods and other cruel machinations of the aging process.

But consider getting plenty of exercise, modifying your diet and taking these seven best supplements for women over 40:

Read more: http://www.mnn.com/health/fitness-well-being/stories/7-supplements-women-over-40-should-take#ixzz3cqCg2EB0

So how do you feel after 40?