LiveLoveThrive produces quality products with integrity, that are also beneficial to you and your family in every day life.

LiveLoveThrive Therapeutic Aromatherapy Candle range are made with pure essential oils to an exclusive Apothecary Formula, designed to register and stimulate the Limbic System of your brain.

LiveLoveThrive Vitamin Patches are a popular brand of Topical and Transdermal Patches using all-natural, non-prescription, over-the-counter ingredients.

The key benefit of your patch is you never need to remember if you have taken your supplement pills – and who likes swallowing those big ugly things anyway.

Your LiveLoveThrive Patch goes to work straight away while you get on with your busy day at work, looking after your family, attending class, playing sport – whatever your busy day entails.

LLT Patches are also very handy if you are traveling or doing shift work. No more working out time differences or remembering to take your pills at irregular times.

Everyone wants to look good and feel healthy and happy, and a once a day LiveLoveThrive Patch is an easy, no fuss way of achieving this.

All our products are over-the-counter and contain all-natural active components.

Our Manufacturing facility conforms to all specifications of good practice of manufacturing and quality control (GMP) of products and the facility is subject to Government inspections and approved in accordance with the FDA.

LLT Vitamin Patches are so Easy To Use
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