LiveLoveThrive Vitamin Patches - Wellbeing For You and Your Family

Your Vitamins On A Patch –
Not In A Pill

No more having to swallow 5-6 pills each day.

One patch is all it takes to deliver your Nutritional Vitamin Supplements.

10 x More Effective Than Pills – Why? Because the nutrients are delivered direct into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach and digestive system which partly destroys the oral vitamins, before they reach your bloodstream.

Research shows a patch can deliver up to 95% of the nutrients to your cells versus as little as 5% for pills.

Can’t Swallow Big Ugly Pills?
Sick of Digestive Side Effects?

LiveLoveThrive Patches are perfect for Bariatric patients, Celiac disease, Chron’s disease and IBS sufferers.

Lower doses are needed, reducing the risk of side effects from high dose pills.

All LLT products are over-the-counter and are made from all-natural active ingredients.

Look good and feel healthy and happy, with a once a day LiveLoveThrive Patch – the easy, no fuss way of taking your Vitamins.

The Easy Way To Take Your Vitamins

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